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அறிவற்றங் காக்குங் கருவி செறுவார்க்கும் உள்ளழிக்க லாகா அரண் ~ Wisdom is a weapon to ward off destruction; it is an inner fortress which enemies cannot destroy – Ayyan Thiruvalluvar.

Thanks for reaching out my website. a warm welcome to all !

Welcome message

I would like to welcome you as a Data scientist, Tech Evangelist ,Career Consultant and a writer.This site aims to establish the one-stop place to showcase my Portfolio and Writings.

I am sure that this site will help you to lean Data Science and Technology , Different aspects of AI and also this site will try to enable the Engineering graduates and School students who are planning to pursue their Graduate Degree in Engineering and Technology.

I am also embedded a page called Ezhuthiyathu which is a kind of repository of my Tamil writings.

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